businesses offer cash to lure workers

Stephen Boyd had a problem. Despite burgeoning demand for cannabis edibles, drinks and other items made at Growpacker, his Desert Hot Springs marijuana product packaging business, he was struggling to hire and retain staff.

Although Boyd had raised wages across his company — with most entry-level employees now making $16 per hour, above minimum wage — competition from other businesses was continuing to draw workers away. 

“We’ve had people just not show up for work one day,” said Boyd, the company’s founder and CEO. “We found out that they got jobs as bartenders (or servers), making more money on tips.”

So Boyd decided to sweeten the deal for employees with what he had on hand: weed.

Around early June, Growpacker began giving employees 50-60{9141277137bc5453450963fdb680487676d6442ace802d3de9e3808585508df8} discounts on cannabis products such as weed gummies, cannabis cookies, soft drinks and marijuana flower. Boyd said that many staff members were excited about the program and that it has helped with employee retention.

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