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How To Know If Your Business Idea Is Something To Pursue

a woman sitting at a table using a laptop: Woman at desk working on architectural plan using digital tablet with scale models of wind turbines.

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Woman at desk working on architectural plan using digital tablet with scale models of wind turbines.

Dreamers have it easy. They don’t need business plans, market analysis or PR strategies. They don’t have to risk their savings, face failure or carry the weight of employees depending on them — but they also get out of it exactly what they put in.

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Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, make the leap from dreaming to planning to doing. But how can

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Business Ideas

Maine business owner passing her knowledge, skills to her ‘Gab Girls’

The owner of Yarmouth-based Mad Gabs, renowned for her lip balm products, has made it her mission to help young women get a head start in creating their own business ideas.Gab Melchionda calls them her Gab Girls. She’s been working with a group of teens to give them hands-on lessons in business.”This is a group of girls from the area, Yarmouth, Falmouth and Portland who came together during the fall and winter to work on developing business ideas,” Melchionda said.Recently, the teens went to the Yarmouth Farmer’s Market to sell their own innovative products and to practice what Melchionda has … Read More

Business Ideas

The Save Local Business Act would go to bat for job creators

After a year of widespread lockdowns and dramatic changes for businesses, there’s nothing our job creators need more than certainty.

This is the basis for legislation I filed along with Sen. Roger Marshall, the Save Local Business Act, which provides relief from bureaucratic headaches for small-business owners. This bill would reverse onerous rules produced by unelected bureaucrats and instead define joint employers only as businesses that are firmly in control of the conditions of their workers’ employment.

Historically, this has been the commonsense definition of a joint employer. But a National Labor Relations Board stocked with appointees from former President

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How to Diversify Your Portfolio by Investing in Small Businesses

Cropped shot of an attractive young woman working in her floral boutique.

When investors think of ways to diversify their portfolio, they often think about adding bonds to a stock portfolio, or foreign equities to a domestic portfolio. However, one way to diversify a portfolio that doesn’t involve adding publicly traded securities is to invest in a small business. There are three main ways to invest in a small business: starting your own, buying equity in an existing business or helping finance one through debt. Here’s a look at how each can help diversify your portfolio.

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The Hidden Costs of Running a Small Business

Young businessman under stress.

Pursuing and running a small business comes with a lot of costs, and some of those costs might be less obvious than others. Of course, you expect to pay for supplies and to pay your employees. But running a business is as complex as it is demanding, and there are many costs that may not be as apparent.

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Plus, with the unique situation we are experiencing due to the

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3 Things You Should Do Before Starting A Business

It’s no secret that women are still vastly underrepresented in business. In fact, a 2020 study found that just 32.37% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK were owned by women.

Increasingly, however, women are feeling more empowered to make their business ideas a reality, a trend that’s likely to continue in the wake of the pandemic. With a changing job market and time to reflect on what we actually want from our careers, the idea of turning a side hustle into a full-time business and being our own boss is enticing.

If you have a business idea

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