Japan Insights 2022: Analysis Displays that 98.4% of the Actual Property Corporations Consider Virtual Transformation is Essential


TOKYO, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A up to date examine end result has been launched via ITANDI Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; Consultant: Shinpei Noguchi “The Corporate”) about how genuine property businesses are reacting to the electronic transformation motion that has been happening in the actual property business in Japan. ITANDI Co.,Ltd is a era focal point corporate. The Corporate is a part of the GA applied sciences Co.,Ltd (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Ryo Higuchi; Securities code: 3491) crew offering products and services in the actual property business with complicated era implemented. The examine launched this time was once performed amongst 766 genuine property businesses asking about how they really feel concerning the electronic transformation construction within the business. 

Proptech (belongings era) industry businesses

  • ITANDI Co .,Ltd (Headquarters: Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; Consultant: Shinpei Noguchi)
  • WealthPark Co.,Ltd (Headquarters: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; Consultant: Ryuta Kwada)
  • Spacely Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; Consultant: Hirokazu Morita)
  • Sumasate Co.,LTd (Headquarters: Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo, Japan; Consultant: Nobuyoshi Yamagishi)

Actual property specialised media

SUMAVE (Proptech specialised on-line media / 2017~)

Zenchin (Press media specialised in genuine property for condominium & rent function / 1989~)

The definition of “electronic transformation” on this article refers to “how businesses in the actual property business practice era so as to fortify paintings potency.”

 Key Highlights

  • 98.4% of the corporations have faith that electronic transformation will have to be achieved. 71% have taken sure measures sooner than or are planning to do so.
  • Corporations the ones have been carried out with such measures up to now, 44.1% best concerned for lower than twelve months whilst 70.7% of the corporations gave a good comments about electronic transformation and the measures they have got been taken
  • Relating to the once a year funds, small businesses with fewer than 10 workers are keen to spend lower than a million yen for enforcing electronic transformation. Corporations with greater than 501 team of workers are keen to spend greater than 10,010,000 yen
  • 3 main stumbling blocks for corporations to continue with electronic transformation are as follows: funds, proper other folks, technology
  • 98.2% of the corporations do know that on-line contract and on-line documentation are to be had in conjunction with the regulation revision in Would possibly 2022.
  • The “on-line contract gadget” is the gadget (instrument) that has been mentioned probably the most amongst businesses these days
  • Greater than 50% of the corporations spoke back that they’re glad with the instrument they have got been the usage of, particularly for the “on-line assembly instrument”, “appointment reservation instrument”, “value review instrument”, “instrument for vital issues documentation” and the “on-line software instrument”.
  • The instrument that has been put in probably the most via businesses is the “on-line contract instrument” in 2022. Different instrument akin to “on-line assembly instrument”, “instrument for vital issues documentation” and “VR, on-line space excursion instrument” also are widespread amongst businesses in 2021 to 2022.

 98.4% of the corporations participated on this examine enhance with the electronic transformation wave within the business; 71% have been or is underway of taking movements

A complete of 98.4% of the corporations do enhance this electronic transformation motion that has been happening in the actual property business both with robust settlement or slightly sure reactions. Relating to the query of the way your corporate has been doing at the subject, 71% of them have taken or are taking some movements to make the exchange. 93.4% of the corporations spoke back that the aim for such motion is to fortify productiveness and paintings potency. Whilst to fortify buyer pleasure and to draw extra consumers adopted with 53.4% and 35.1%.  

The corporations which were taking part within the examine this time, just about 50% are small businesses with team of workers fewer than 10 other folks. Many small to medium measurement businesses additionally have faith that electronic transformation is needed and are making plans on taking some technique for that or had such enjoy sooner than. 

 Virtually part of the corporations have lower than twelve months of enjoy referring to DX, whilst greater than 70% really feel glad concerning the exchange

44.1% of the corporations responded that they’d lower than twelve months of exact enjoy operating on electronic transformation. Handiest 0.7% of businesses spoke back that they have already got the similar measures, or the DX gadget arranged within the corporate. The corporations that experience began such movements have higher up to now twelve months. 70.6% of the corporations have the gadget/ technology able in lower than two years. And 70.7% of them gave sure comments referring to this kind of exchange. When being requested about which phase do you’re feeling that has been stepped forward probably the most, 93.2% spoke back with higher potency and productiveness. 29% spoke back with upper buyer pleasure whilst 25.6% mentioned that the proportion of offers made has long past up. 

Corporations are keen to spend from a million yen to greater than 10,010,000 yen yearly relying at the measurement of an organization 

When being requested about how a lot funds you might be keen to spend on making the electronic transformation a yr, businesses’ solutions range from lower than a million yen to greater than 10,010,000 yen relying at the measurement of an organization. 85.4% of the corporations with 5 to ten workers are keen to spend not more than a million yen yearly to make the DX exchange. This share jumps to 93.1% for corporations with only one~4 other folks. However, businesses with selection of workers greater than 501 individuals are keen to spend greater than 10,010,000 yen according to yr to make the transformation. As shall we see, the once a year funds for corporations to make the exchange will increase in conjunction with the scale of an organization. 

Relating to the query “which division is chargeable for the DX venture?”21.3% of the corporations spoke back with “the chief board” adopted via “the gross sales (making plans) division” with 20.6%. “Industry technique, the CEO place of job” is available in 3rd with 16.7%. In the end, 9.7% of the corporations being researched spoke back that there’s a division specialised in such tasks of their businesses.

“Finances”, “Proper other folks”, “Technology” are the largest stumbling blocks for corporations

The Best 3 stumbling blocks that save you businesses from making the electronic transformation are: “funds”, “proper other folks”, “technology”.40% spoke back that the loss of all 3 or both some of the assets makes the corporations hesitate to make the exchange. All 3 elements are decided on as the highest 3 stumbling blocks via businesses which is sort of the similar as final yr’s examine end result (※1). Corporations that don’t have any plan for making the shift additionally identified “funds”, “human useful resource”, and “technology” are the most important considerations for them as neatly.

 98.2 are acutely aware of the regulation revisions about electronification of documentations

57.7% of the corporations are acutely aware of the electronification of the documentation procedure in conjunction with the regulation revisions enacted on Would possibly 18th, 2022; 40.5% are slightly conversant in the Information. Nonetheless 1.8% of the corporations responded that they have no idea about this kind of exchange. In conclusion, virtually maximum businesses operating in the actual property business are acutely aware of such data. 

“On-line contract instrument” is the most well liked instrument amongst businesses

70% of the corporations spoke back that they’ve the web assembly instrument put in or are making plans to take action. The second one hottest instrument is the condominium & rent software control instrument with 52.3% of the corporations put in already or plan to take action. 39.1% spoke back with “on-line software instrument”. In the end, 31.8% spoke back with the “buyer dating control instrument”.

Relating to the query of which instrument are you making an allowance for putting in, 18.7% make a choice the “on-line contract instrument”, 15.8% make a choice the “vital issues documentation instrument”, and 14% make a choice the “on-line software instrument”. 11.5% make a choice the “App. for belongings proprietor”. As shall we see, the affect of the regulation revision has been pushing the method strikes sooner.

 Greater than 50 are glad with the adjustments DX brings

Greater than part of the corporations researched say that they’re glad with the methods being taken to make the transformation. The pleasure is particularly top concerning the following instrument: “on-line assembly instrument”, “appointment reservation instrument”, “AI review instrument”, “vital issues documentation instrument” and the “on-line software instrument”. 

“On-line contract instrument” is the most well liked instrument put in amongst businesses in 2022

Once we have a look at the proportion of set up of person instrument, each the “on-line assembly instrument” and the “vital issues documentation instrument” obtain greater than 70% reputation in 2020 ~ 2021. The set up fee is 61% for the “VR / on-line excursion instrument” on account of the expanding wishes throughout the pandemic. In 2022, the instrument the ones obtain top reputation are “on-line contract instrument” (31.7%), “AI value review instrument” (24.3%), “appointment reservation instrument” (20.9%), and the “on-line software instrument” (20.5%). For the days sooner than the pandemic broke out, the instrument the ones had been widespread amongst genuine property businesses are “condominium & rent software control instrument”, “contract control instrument (for contract renewal & move-out)”, and “CRM (buyer dating control) instrument”. 


The actual property business is experiencing an enormous exchange within the electronic era side and the way the actual property transaction procedure goes to be in conjunction with the similar regulation revisions enactment, and the exchange in way of life on account of the pandemic. These kinds of have an enormous have an effect on at the business, and certainly about 70% of the corporations are beginning or had been taking measures to trip in this electronic transformation wave that is going on within the business. Unquestionably, the so-called DX motion is surely happening in the actual property business. 

Consequence Abstract

  • Analysis time frame:June sixteenth, 2022 ~ July seventh, 2022
  • Sensible solutions gained: 776
  • Goals for examine: genuine property control businesses and firms supply similar products and services
  • Analysis means: on-line questionnaire 
  • Corporations participated within the examine are as apply:
    *The proportion is spherical up, so it will not be 100% precisely when added up


Corporate title: ITANDI Co.,Ltd 

Consultant: Shinpei Noguchi 

Website online: https://www.itandi.co.jp/ 

Headquarters: 40F of Sumitomo genuine property Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

12 months of founding: June 2012 

Capital fund: 36,000,000 yen 

Products and services: 

  • Construction, operation of SaaS for genuine property businesses : ITANDI BB 
  • Construction, operation of SaaS for condominium & rent control businesses:  ITANDI BB +
  • Construction, operation of self-tour space looking platform: OHEYAGO

WealthPark Co.,Ltd 

Corporate title: WealthPark Co.,Ltd

Consultant: Ryuta Kwada

Website online: https://wealth-park.com/ja/

Headquarters: 3F of New mitomi development, Ebisu 1-20-18, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

Capital fund: 100,000,000 yen 

Products and services: 

  • SaaS industry (WealthPark Industry)
  • Vertical industry (WealthPark Asset control)
  • Fintech industry (WealthPark Choice)

Spacely, Inc

Corporate title: Spacely, Inc

Consultant: Hirokazu Morita

Website online: https://corp.spacely.co.jp

Headquarters: 3F of Yagi development (2d development), Shibuya 3-6-2, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo

12 months of founding: August 2013

Capital fund: 510,000,000 yen

Products and services:

  • 360°VR & area usage platform : Spacely 
  • Internet media: Spacely Guidelines (Guidelines & contents about VR era)
  • AI x VR examine lab: Spacely Lab

Sumasate Co.,Ltd 

Corporate title: Sumasate Co.,Ltd

Consultant: Nobuyoshi Yamagishi

Website online: https://sumasate.jp/

Headquarters: 8F of Noda development, Kamiozaki 2-12-1, Shinagawa-Ku, Tokyo

12 months of founding: July, 2015

Capital fund: 10,000,000 yen

Products and services: 

  • Construction & operation of AI hire value review instrument
  • Construction & operation of side road information instrument: The town Navi


Website online: https://www.sumave.com/

12 months of founding: 2017

A Information web site specialised in genuine property era (belongings era) each nationally and The world over

Zenchin Co.,Ltd

Website online: https://www.zenchin.com/

12 months of founding: 1989

One of the crucial prestigious Information media makes a speciality of the condominium and rent house, covers the most recent data and tendencies in the actual property business. The readership covers greater than 80% of the actual property businesses in Japan. It is among the main assets for managerial positions within the business to assemble needed data. 

 GA applied sciences Co.,Ltd
 Corporate title: GA applied sciences Co.,Ltd
 Consultant: Ryo Higuchi
 Website online: https://www.ga-tech.co.jp/
 Headquarters: 40F of Sumitomo genuine property Roppongi Grand Tower, Roppongi 3-2-1, Minato-Ku, Tokyo
 12 months of founding: March, 2013
 Capital fund: 7224,816,203 yen (via July 2022)
 Products and services:

  • Web genuine property market industry: RENOSY
  • BtoB PropTech SaaS construction
  • GA applied sciences crew: ITANDI, RENOSY PLUS, Shenjumiausuan and 10 different crew businesses 

(*1) The examine end result for 2021 please consult with the next hyperlink: https://www.itandi.co.jp/news_posts/709 (July, 2021)

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