Realtor License vs Real Estate Agent License


In the real estate industry, there are two types of licensed real estate agent: the real estate agent license and the realtor license. Even though they sound similar, these licenses are very different in what they can do for you. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

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Real Estate Agent License

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A licensed real estate agent is a state-specific license that allows you to buy and sell property. It’s not the same as a realtor license, which is required in some states but not all.

An agent can only sell properties in their area of expertise (like commercial or residential), while a Realtor® can handle both types of transactions.

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Realtor License

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You’ve probably heard the term “licensed real estate agent,” but what exactly does that mean? A realtor is a real estate agent with a license. As such, they can help you buy or sell property and find homes in your area that fit your needs.

A good Realtor will know their market well and have connections with other agents who can help you find exactly what you want at the best price possible. They also stay up-to-date on recent sales data from all over town so they know how much houses are selling for and what areas are hot right now (and where prices might be going down).

A real estate agent is a real estate license that allows you to buy and sell property.

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A real estate agent is a real estate license that allows you to buy and sell property. You can work for yourself or for a real estate broker, but you must be licensed in order to do so.

You must pass the licensing exam and complete the required education, which varies by state. You also must have a clean criminal record and submit fingerprints with your application materials.

What is a Real Estate Agent?

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A real estate agent is a person who works for a real estate broker. He or she can be either an independent contractor or an employee of the brokerage firm. The term “independent contractor” refers to someone who has his/her own office space, telephone number and advertising materials. Independent contractors are also known as “brokers,” although in some states it’s illegal for them to use this title unless they have been granted permission by their state licensing board.

The difference between an independent contractor and an employee is that the latter receives compensation from his employer (the broker) based on commission. Commission means that if you sell property at full price, you make 100% of what was listed on your sign; however if it sells below list price then only 85% – 90%(or whatever percentage agreed upon beforehand) would go toward paying back any expenses incurred during marketing process like newspapers ads etc…

What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a realtor?

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A real estate agent is a title, while a realtor is a license. Real estate agents are licensed by their state board of realtors, while realtors must be affiliated with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). A realtor can work independently or for a broker; the latter means he or she will have access to more resources than an independent agent would.

A potential client looking for someone who can help them buy or sell property will want to hire someone who’s been trained at this higher level of expertise–and has earned their right to use “REALTOR” in front of their name!

What does it take to get a real estate license?

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To get a real estate license, you must pass an exam and be 18 or older. You also need to have either a high school diploma or GED. If you don’t have a diploma or GED, but have been working in the industry for at least 2 years, then you can apply for an exemption from taking the exam–but only if your state allows it!

Once you pass this test (and several others), then all that’s left is paying for it!

How long does it take to become a real estate agent?

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The average time to become a real estate agent is around 6 months. This includes the time it takes to study for the exam and pass it, as well as any other requirements you may have in your state. If you’re studying part-time, it could take longer than six months; if you’re studying full-time, it could take less time than six months.

As you can see, there are a number of differences between the two licenses. If you’re interested in working as an agent with the ability to sell property, then getting your real estate agent license may be the best option for you. However, if you’re looking for something more specialized or hands-on like property management or even owning your own business then becoming a realtor may be better suited for this purpose. The good news is that both will require similar training and knowledge before being able to work in their respective fields so whichever one chooses should not have much difficulty transitioning over into another career path later down the road if needed!

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