Sioux Falls not open for business with medical pot: Letters to editor

Argus Leader letters to the editor for Aug. 1:

Sioux Falls not ‘open for business’ with medical marijuana

The voters overwhelmingly endorsed medical marijuana statewide and across party lines. The mayor and the city administration were tasked with creating, and responded with, zoning rules so strict that there are only two places likely to qualify in the whole city on the Minnehaha County side. One is behind the airport and the other is by the wastewater treatment plant. Isn’t that a hilarious response?

No thought given to ADA or accessibility, or creating economic growth for our local small businesses and startups. With this lack of leadership, most likely the only players to survive these childish and churlish games will be the big companies from out of state who can file the lawsuits and wait it out. Much is going to be spent by the city on legal fees from fighting the lawsuits filed by industry and special interest groups, only to have to allow it in the end, because it is the state law now. Do they really think this is what the people wanted! This is not “Open for Business” by any definition.

— Rose Grant, Sioux Falls

Trying to make sense of anti-maskers

COVID and the fake revolution of lost freedom is just fake.

People indeed should have autonomy with regards to their health decisions. These decisions should always and only be made through consulting family, their health care provider and selective friends.

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