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Open for Business: Personal trainer takes fitness to new heights with aerial silks facility

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)- Fitness is a way of life for Paula Van Kuren and she’s taking her skills to new heights. 

In June, Van Kuren opened her business “Fitness By Paula”. The certified personal trainer offers her clients a unique way to focus on their health with the help of aerial acrobatics.

“I realized that this is what people are missing,” she said. “That the weight lifting–that constant grueling routine is hard to stick with. It can feel like another chore in your life.”

Van Kuren works alongside Colt Sandberg. He’s an expert in aerial rigging and the owner of

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Business Motivation

How to Create a Personal Vision That Lets You Lead Fearlessly and Drive Success

In a world that is constantly changing, the one thing that should remain the same is your vision for the future – and it needs to align with your personal values.

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A clear vision has always been a cornerstone on which people build businesses. You need to be able to communicate an understandable, unambiguous concept of what you want. Otherwise,

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