‘The best is yet to come’; Kenosha couple starts game truck business | Business

Kenosha residents Keith and Tasha Mills originally got the idea for starting their own game truck business back in 2019, but sat on the idea for months.

Tasha said the final push for them came after the pandemic hit.

“With us just working nine to five, you start getting all kinds of ideas,” Tasha said, laughing.

They commissioned a company down in Florida to build a gaming trailer, bought a pickup truck, and recently had their first event.

“It went well, very well,” Keith said.

Now, after overwhelmingly positive public reactions and more events on the horizon, the couple said they have high hopes for the future.

Keith is a retired navy veteran, and Tasha is a dental hygienist. Tasha said they had wanted to start a business and be their own employers for a while. and chose a game truck business when they realized there was essentially an open market in Kenosha.

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“It’s really big on the East Coast, but there’s nothing here,” Tasha said.

The couple said they weren’t very knowledgeable about video games before starting the business, but were getting a crash-course from their 14-year-old employee, James.

“We are not gamers at all, we’re still learning,” Tasha said.

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